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Go premium with our smart society management system which provides you benefits in the form of property manager, legal advisor, accounting and auditing assistance in addition to community management services.

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The Best Society Management
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Society Now is offering a free trial of “Society Now ERP”, the best and the most advanced housing society management system for a period of 12 months.
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Society Now For All

Eliminating the hassle of Managing,
Securing and Developing communities for

Housing Co-Operation

Level up your community management, with our society maintenance software. Manage your everyday activity with us. Your digital and efficient society management partner.

Service Agency

If you are a security agency, looking to provide added value to your clients as well as increase the effectiveness of your services, Society Now is the security partner you have been looking for !


Make your property more attractive, safe and digitally equipped with add on security and management benefits from Society Now App.

Furnishing Modern Societies with Modern

Through our housing society management software, get assistance on roles of document compilation, trained support staff,
a property manager and much more to administer your society better.
  • Handle all the society matter, decisions and 360 administration with our property manager to save you time and efforts.
  • Avail the assistance of a facility manager who is the point of contact between the administration and the regular workers for uninterrupted working and communication.
  • Break the complications of managing your society with our society management services which provides trained staff to lessen you cost, time and effort.
  • Keep all your documents complied as mandates by the Government of India, fuss free with our services.

Provide Facility Management

Maintaining a record of visitors is now uncomplicated and automated with our advanced app for gate security.

Housekeeping Service

Manage your community better with trained housekeeping staff appointed by us. This an exclusive feature of premium society management where we provide skilled domestic staff so that you don’t have to get into the trouble of hiring one.

Social Managerial Service

Govern the regular workings of your community with professional assistance executed by our property manager. All the workings of the society and daily tasks including complaint resolvement and conducting annual general meetings will be handled by them to take worries off your head.

Security Service

Ensure the safety of your residential complex with proficient security guards provided by our housing management system. These personnel deliver full-proof security services and already familiar with the app, which saves a lot of time and cost of training the society security otherwise.

Social Related Documentation & Legal Compliances

Handle all the legalities of establishing, maintaining and running a society effortless with us. With our premium society management services get the documentation and compilations done easily!

Store & Access Documents

Conveniently store all the documents on our digital database to avoid losing or damaging them and access them anytime, anywhere.

Deemed Conveyance

Framing and documentation of deemed conveyance can be a tiresome process. Get exclusive assistance and guidance on the it so that you dont get trailed in the long process.

All Legal Compliances

Get all the support for various and necessary legal documents to be compiled.

Social Related Documentation & Legal Compliances

Handle all the legalities of establishing, maintaining and running a society effortless with us. With our premium society management services get the documentation and compilations done easily!

Accounting & Auditing Service

Keep your books of accounts ready and up to date with accounting and auditing assistance extended by our team and the ERP systems which present precise configurations to manage a large number of accounts.

Accounting Services

Obtain professional services to manage various accounts for better financial management. With our powerful ERP systems you can effortlessly handle all the financial matters in minimum time span.

Social Statutory Audit

Avail legally required review of the accuracy of your society’s financial statements and records by an auditor (approved by the DDR), to smooth financial dealing. This saves your time, costs and efforts to find and negotiate with an auditor as everything is provided by us.

Social Account Audit

Get the assets, expenses, income, cash-in-hand etc verified and ensure that they are in compliance with related acts as announced by the government by an auditor appointed by us. Forget the hassle of arranging for an audit each year or missing the deadlines with regular auditor assistance available exclusively on premium society management.

Society Maintenance Management Service

Simplify complex community maintenance tasks with our trained employees who are ready to serve as per your requirements.

Society Setup & Training

Have trained and unskilled support staff in your society which enhance the overall working of your community, provided by us. Familiarise your society members with the working of Society Now app through our formal training sessions.

Maintenance Manager

Hire a maintenance manager through our smart society app. He/She will ensure timely completion of task and will look after the order in the society.

Setup Society Maintenance

Setup Society Maintenance Management system as per the wills and wishes of the Society Committee, Assistance from Formulation of Bye-Laws to Maintenance Configurations, hiring of Services and Facilitators for smooth working of the society to End-to-End Operations for the Society.

Society Maintenance Management Service

Simplify complex community maintenance tasks with our trained employees who are ready to serve as per your requirements.

Go Premium on Management

Accounting Management

Avail experienced and professional accounting services by the Society Now team got better financial management.

Auditing Services

Forget the inconveniences of auditing with our auditor who performs statutory as well as general auditing services as per your requirements.

Document Safe Keeper

Store important documents digitally and safely on our app thus preventing the risk of losing or damaging these documents. Easily access these documents anytime anywhere

Daily Support Staff

Get in touch with professional facility support workers including managers, security guards and housekeepers to reduce the trouble of finding and training the same.

Legal Assistance

Easily sail through complex legal obligations with our smart society app team guiding and helping you with the framing, execution and compilation of the same.

Property Management

Executive assistance to the society administration on managing daily affairs of the commune including looking after the maintenance, AGM conductions, resolving issues etc.

24*7 Support

With our 24*7 support teams ready to assist you we make lifes simpler in your community.

Society Maintenance

Don’t sweat on how to run around things in your commune. With the able support from our premium services sit back and relax as we take care of everything for you.

Our Customers Say

Azim Moloo

I have been to differentiate my offerings in the market by associating with Society Now. It has improved my dealing and client experience.

Azim Moloo

Khaun Colony

Shreyas Deore

Our society security has become so much better now. I can quickly call the guards to check on things and even notify them in case of any confusion or assitance.

Shreyas Deore

Police Colony

Akash Rathod

It’s easier to conduct meetings with social distancing on the digital forum provided by the app. There are no petty quarrels and more co-operation while deciding on important society matters.

Akash Rathod

CityWoods Society

Vinay Varpe

The residents feel very relaxed due to the app. Their issue are easily resolved, they can access the community’s amenities better and they are always updated as they never miss society’s notices.

Vinay Varpe

GolfView Appartments

Mayur Surana

Society Now management helped me a great deal with the legal challenges. It was facing on formation of the deed and so on. True saviours.

Mayur Surana

Mantra Properties

Nilesh Agarwal

The best part about Society Now has to be their accounting services. Extremely professional service & they never miss a deadline.

Nilesh Agarwal

Unicon Group

Neeraj Mittal

The support system has provided us with some great staff who understand their work & makes life easy for us.

Neeraj Mittal

Mittal Developers

Mandar Sahage

It is a great way to arrange for domestic help, if my maid or cook is on leave and I need urgent help with my daily chores. I can easily access the directory and have someone come to my house as early as possible.

Mandar Sahage

Ganesh Residency

Chetan Shah

I can easily know if my children are playing in the society or have gone out. I feel more relaxed as I am constantly aware of their go-abouts.

Chetan Shah

Himgiri Residency

Kamlesh Changedia

I can easily book the clubhouse for any function without running to the society office for permission or making advance payments.

Kamlesh Changedia

Arch Avenue

Sitar Bhandari

My personal dashboard allows me to do various tasks at one place which were earlier done manually or required me to download various other apps.

Sitar Bhandari

Govardhan Co-op. Hsg. Society

Vicky Padale

I can totally depend on Society Now for assisting me in managing the entire society. The software is easy to adapt and takes less time to complete daily tasks.

Vicky Padale

Manager , Mantra Insignia

Piyush Shah

The best part about the app is timely reminders of payments due. It also helps me to keep my accounts in check and avoid extra charges I had to pay earlier due to late payments.

Piyush Shah

Sun Residency

Nirav Gupta

Tracking visitors, delivery agents, and house help has become so easy. I don’t need to call and check up on them every now and then as I can easily see their movement on the app.

Nirav Gupta

Vardhamanpura Society

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