Data Security

Privacy Policy - Non disclosure of information

The directors at Society Now sign an undertaking stating that the data will not be shared with any third party or traded with any agency. We only collect your Personal Information to run our business operations and to enable us to deliver improved services. We do not sell your Correspondence Information (example: phone number, email ID… etc.) to any third party or trade it off in any circumsatnce. We are committed to protect user’s personal information and keep it confidential. By visiting our Mobile App, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policies. The informed privacy policy outlines the information we may process and how we may use that information to better serve our users on our Mobile App.

Security from Data Theft &
Data Fraud

Information collected by Society Now is protected at several different levels. 128 bit SSL encryption is used throughout the application for data in motion. Society Now uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) for their operations and the data is stored by secure servers in a virtual private cloud. The data is further protected by firewalls, access restrictions and key information is encrypted when stored. These enhanced protection measures guarantee data safety from any kind of digital or physical data theft and fraud.

Restricted Access

Society Now secures the device operated at your society’s main gate. The community guards can access the app to manage a daily record of all visitors and nothing else. The guards can only enter in the visitor’s information for the purpose of approval and acknowledgement by the resident for verified entry exit. Thus, any personal information of the members or their guests are never obtained by your security personnel ensuring two-step protection.

Other Measures Taken

Apart from the security provisions as provided by AWS, Society Now takes additional steps to ensure that your data is fully secure. Our software’s data servers do not use public accessible address or IP. This also means no third-party software or system has access to your information. Your details are between you and us solely.The access is further secured through multiple RSA key (based on RFC4716) sequential authentications through virtual servers. The keys are refreshed at regular intervals. The key access is restricted to key business personnel only to ensure business continuity.

As soon as any data is collected, it is stored in the Society Now’s AWS server using “Salting Mechanism along with 128 bit SSL encryption. The salts used are machine-generated to make the data more secure.

Masked & Anonymous

The purpose of the Society Now app is to constantly improve the security, safety and convenience for the community and its residents. The collection of information is essential to our services. That said, we never compromise on the any kind of information privacy of our users. All the details stored in our database, in order to make sure an effective communication takes place within the society, is encrypted and secure for use.

Robust Security Software

All the industry’s best practices, such as SSL encryption, access restrictions, firewalls, RSA key sequential authentications, are in place to ensure maximum security. You name it, we have it ; to maximise your safety and guard your personal data.

Zero Information Sharing

At Society Now, we believe in partnerships built on trust. In no event is of any kind, up for sale. Your information is only and only used to improve our security and management services to you. This means that no third-party ever has access to it. We strictly follow a zero advertising promise on our app, so you’ll never see any pesky advertisements or promotions from others. We take the security of our systems seriously and it is our constant endeavor to make our application a safe platform for our customers to use.