Society Now is your local community Superhero. It's primary Super Powers are fourfold: Facility Management, Security Management, Promotes Local Service & Payments. All of this in one mobile APP. Society Now brings together the community and enables the members to effectively interact with each other and be an active part of the society. Society Now is designed and developed to facilitate easy comprehension by the society members, committee members and gatekeepers. It aims to drive a safer and secure environment for all.
You can download the APP from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Link:
You can request for a demo by contacting us through our enquiry form or email( or call/WhatsApp us on our mobile(+91 9767669669). We can give both online and offline demo as per your comfort.
Firstly, you will have to reach out to us either through our enquiry form or email( or call/WhatsApp us on our mobile(+91 9767669669). Soon after you submit your request, sales team from SocietyNow would reach out to you to set up your society’s private, secure portal in SocietyNow in less than a business day.
Ans. Yes. We absolutely understand the importance of all owners having a common platform to discuss topics related to their society even before an association is formed and funds are available. Thus, we offer SocietyNow for societies who are yet to take possession or yet to form an association.
SocietyNow is offered on a per device monthly subscription charge. Please contact to know more.
No. If you decide not to use SocietyNow after your 30-45 day trial, you need not pay. This is a no-obligation trial.
SocietyNow provides a host of Administration tools/features that helps the association management committees to ensure smooth functioning of the society. You can check the same in our feature list.
SocietyNow brings together the owners/residents on to a common platform and promotes community living. Please visit the features section here to know how you can benefit from SocietyNow as an owner/resident.
Society Now helps you with initial setup to load your society details, train the security guard, admin, committee members and members in a timely manner. We also provide support for any issues arising within the APP in 48 hours. Additional training is also provide, subjective to the circumstance.
Absolutely Yes. Society Now uses industry standard security practices to protect your data. We assure you that your data is in safe hands as we follow security encryptions that are used by the Top Banks around the world.
In an unlikely event that you decide to discontinue the use of Society Now, the administrator will have the option of downloading data of the society. Post the confirmation from the administrator, we would permanently delete the data of the society from our servers
We are happy to answer all your questions. Please feel free to reach us through email( or call/WhatsApp us on our mobile(+91 9767669669) to know more.